Student’s Life has been providing home-stay placement services to international students since 1994 through The International Student’s Network. Over 50,000 international students; who may attend elementary school through college, come to United States every year either to experience short-term academic programs or to fulfill their school career before entering college. 

International students mostly attend student visa-eligible private schools, since they are not allowed to attend public schools unless the public school issues student visa documents. To achieve their new school career in such private schools, students definitely need to find suitable home-stay families to live with, who in most cases become the student's guardians for school matters on behalf of their parents. 

In 2007, the number of Korean students in the United States from 1st to 12th grade, exceeded 20,000 and the number was expected to reach nearly 25,000 by 2010. Student’s Life is in partnership with many student agencies in Korea to match their students’ needs. Student’s Life currently connects only Korean students to host members, but our services will be also open to Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese students in the near future.Type your paragraph here.