English Speaking Environment

Since campers will need to converse in English for even the smallest requests, they will be maximally exposed to the English language for peak enhancement of their English proficiency. 

Studious Environment

Homestay parents tend to be those who have children that are students, or those that are teachers themselves. They are very eager to help campers in their studies and provide an environment where academics come first. 

Assimilation to the American Culture

The best method of learning a culture is to be immersed into it, and the homestay housing method provides just that. As campers live with their homestay families, they are able to naturally pick up on subtle customs and manners, as well as learn the American culture as a whole.Type your paragraph here.


The typical method of housing for the students is homestay in an American household. Each hosting household will be assigned no more than a student and will engage in conversations in English for at least thirty minutes per night. Through this time, students will be exposed to the English language naturally and grow close to the families. In addition, campers will be able to learn American customs and cultures naturally.
Students are only sent to carefully selected and safe homestay families. Homestay families are chosen based on many factors such as social positions, faith, and integrity. They are all families who are eager to care for the campers with love as one of their own and teach them the English language. Even after camps, it is not unusual to find that the campers and homestay families stay in touch.

Homestay Characteristics 


Students live under the protection of the homestay families. As a result, they are closely regulated and monitored regarding living aspects such as sleeping and eating. Also, since they are living with parental figures, campers experience quick and efficient responses to emergencies by the hosts and guardian. 

Local Information

Through their homestay families, campers can find local eateries, discount stores, and shopping centers efficiently and with ease. It is also not hard for them to reach these destinations with the help of their hosts.