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Student's Life Inc. is dedicated to finding friendly, loving American families willing to host at least one foreign student. It has been proven that having these students live with a family that is of the same culture as the school in which they attend helps with the transition and integration phases. Many strong relationships are also formed this way between the student and host family members as well as with piers at school. Student's Life Inc. is dedicated to the constant improvement of the academics of these young scholars. The grades of the students will be under constant supervision. Student's Life Inc. also offers tutoring services in the areas of English, Math, Chemistry, and others if a need must be met. These tutoring services drastically improve the grades of the students as they prepare throughout high school for major exams including the SAT and TOEFL tests. 

High School Admission
College Admission
Report Card Management
Intensive English Programs
Business Communication Course
English Summer Camp
English Winter Academic Camp 
CEO Business Communication Camp
ESL at various college