Intensive English Program

Through the buddies that are assigned to each camper, our campers are able to approach the English language in a manner
that is both natural and enjoyable and see a vast difference in proficiency. It also stresses the importance of social skills, as the campers will be required to work with one another and their buddies to master the English language. In addition, the ESL programs that are taught by competent, native instructors will greatly improve the English mechanic and usage of the campers. 

Key Traits:
- A quality program taught at a prestigious private school. 
- Intensive English ESL programs taught by professional instructors.
- One-on-one buddy systems designed to maximize English absorption and usage.
- Cultural experiences through weekly trips.

- Carefully selected, safe, and reliable host families.
- Ivy League tours to motivate students to further their education.
- Journal assignments and conversation assignments designed to improve everyday English.
- Premium tours of key landmarks and cities such as New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C.
- Consistent monitoring and swift response time boasted by full-time staff members.
- Sensible schedule oriented to encourage exposure to the English language for the entire duration of camp.